Thursday, 20 June 2013

layout: Hello Sunshine

I admit that I've fallen behind with my blogging, again. I can't help it. I have heaps of fun creating the layouts, but I'm finding it very hard to snag any daylight time to get around photographing the page. 

To put things into perspective, I slept till 5pm on Saturday, after a very very late Friday night/early Saturday morning.
I'm definitely not a morning person, and my yearly quota of Vitamin D/sunlight is usually reaped during Summer when the sun doesn't set till 9pm.

Anyway, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed on Sunday to quickly snap a couple of shots of my first ever 2-page spread. Yes, I know, it still took me four days to get something written... 

Putting it together

Since this is my first attempt at a 2-page spread, I scraplifted from Lisa-Jane Johnson's layout here.

Lisa's repeated use of 6x6 patterned paper allowed for coordinated pages to be quickly assembled. And by swapping the order the 6x6 pp were laid out, the two pages manage to coordinate without looking cloned.

I find that I really love the traditional photo stitching effect on a scrapbooking layout, but it proved hard to balance across the page. In an attempt to emphasize the diagonal line, I tried putting more embellishments on the bottom left and top right of the page. Now that I look at the layout in the picture (and not in real life), I find that I may need to go back and some non-paper embellishments. Perhaps some washi and wood veneer.

The Journaling

This is another layout about last year's Europe trip. 

We had just finished our tour of the Vatican and had made our way to the Colosseum. But the moment we stepped off the tour bus, dark clouds amassed above our heads, wind start picking up, and big fat drops of rain fell from the sky.
It was hardly a down pour by any standards, but umbrellas were quickly opened.
Our tour guided assured us that "it's just passing rain", but we were skeptical as rain only fell harder.
Ten minutes in however, the clouds moved on, the sun came out and we got beautiful shots of the Colosseum.

Supplies used

Except for the thickers, I think I used Amy Tangerine's Yes, Please collection exclusively. I forgot to write down the supplies list, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

two new free classes I'm currently involved in

To be truthful, one of the classes have already started and is in it's second week, but it's easy to just jump in now and go back to the previous weeks when you have time.

So the first class I've joined is Shimelle's Break It Down challenge, hosted on

I'm a complete fan of all things Shimelle, so when I found out on her page that she's hosting a new class, I completely jumped on board.

Here's what she has to say about her class:
Today I'm delighted to welcome you to Break it Down, a six week free class here at UKScrappers.
Break It Down includes thirty-six steps or prompts along the way to six completed layouts within the class time, but you will of course be able to take those steps forward to use on as many projects as you would like in the future. 
For six weeks, we'll follow a format that breaks down one layout over the course of a week. You can actively work on your layout a little each day or you can think about it each day and save the actual scrapping for one scrapping session - whatever works best for you. 
On Mondays, we'll start with a story we want to tell. Each Monday prompt will feature a different way to start your page with photos or words and the memories you want to record in your albums. 
On Tuesdays, we'll talk colour and products. Each Tuesday prompt will showcase a different way to choose and use those elements that determine the final look of our page. 
On Wednesdays, we'll try Techniques. Have a look at six different techniques you can try and how you can adapt them to your stash of supplies and your personal style.
On Thursdays, we'll decide the design. These prompts go back to core elements of solid graphic design that can be personalised in so many ways, so we can each follow the same principles yet have highly unique pages.
On Fridays, we'll build and embellish. Try six different methods for the actual construction of a page and see which inspires you creatively.
On Saturdays, we'll polish everything with some finishing touches. No room for anything lack-lustre: we'll make sure each of these six pages is treated to our full attention, and along the way we'll pick up some quick and easy ways to take a page from nice to wow. 
On Sundays, we take a day off! That might be your scrapping time, and it might be the time when you upload your page to share it with us in the gallery or chat to others taking part in Break it Down.
To find out more about the class, or to join in, just click on the picture above.

The second class I've just joined is Find Your Voice.

This workshop is about finding your storytelling voice. You are an awesome person with amazing stories, so this summer we're going to work together to find the most genuine and authentic way for you to tell those stories. 
This workshop is for everyone! You definitely don't need to be a scrapbooker or paper-crafter to play along. We'll be telling stories through pictures, photographs, social media, prose, and more. The only thing you need is a willingness to become the author of your own story and the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. 
I must admit that I've never taken any classes Kristin before, but it sounds interesting, so if you decide to join me, we would be discovering this class together.

Again, to join that class or to learn more about it, please click on the picture above.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

layout: dress up parties

The past two years has seen me in a lot of costume parties. I don't know, it was just the thing to do?

Anyway, I selected a few and made a layout showcase them.

Is the background paper too busy? Should I change it to plain cardstock?

Friday, 7 June 2013

time just flies by

In a matter of weeks, this happened...

May 2nd

June 1st

Happy Winter, Australia!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

scrapping three 4x6 photos

So no Project Life spread this week. I've been hooked by traditional 12x12 layouts and I've cranked out a few over past week.

Hopefully I'll feel as inspired to write out blog posts just as fast.

This series of photo is of my best friend while we were in London last year. It totally captures her quirky nature!

The layout itself was quite simple, with only paper embellishments, but since the focus was on the photos, I was fine with that.

There also wasn't a lot of journaling - I thought the photos spoke enough as it is. But there's plenty of room on the layout if I do think of something to add. I am not above adding to layout weeks after I'm "finished", why restrict yourself?

Monday, 3 June 2013

layout: Sydney Trip

I'm taking Shimelle's Scrapbooking Remix class - and although I'm running a bit late with the email prompts, I'm still plugging through them dodgedly.

I based this layout on a template that Shimelle used in one of her weekly prompts. I love the way this layout turned out!

Last May, a few of my friends and I went up to Sydney for a weekend to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. We mainly ate, and had fun wandering around the city. I even won a big soft plushie at a skill tester - which I think I will scrap on a separate page later.

The top photo is actually two photo strips that came out of a sticker photo booth. I think scrapbook pages are a great way of "storing" these miscellaneous bits and pieces. If left on their own, these photo strips would probably be lost in a drawer somewhere, forgotten until some unknown time.

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