Wednesday, 25 May 2011

woyww 103

This week I'll be showing you pictures of my workstation in the office of my day job.
This is because I want to take this chance to show off my latest joy in life. My iPad 2! (Yeah, my joy in life is shallow and materialistic, sue me XD)
I've kind of wanted one since the first model came out, but had no justification for buying one. The iPad is for content consumption, and truth be told, I'm more about content creation.
But I've been playing with more and more photo manipulation apps - which isn't surprising since the developers are cranking out better and better apps - and I realised that the iPad would be the perfect photo manipulation tool.
I'll be able to instantly download my photos from my iphone or camera using the camera connection kit and the touchscreen will allow me to have a hands-on approach to editing my photos. As much as I like my graphic tablet, it's still not as nice as "touching" your photo while editing. ;p
I took this picture one morning on the way to work. I only used a light touch of "100 cameras in 1" app to create some mood and left it at that.
What this means is that there may not be a lot of art journal pages, or even zentangles for a little while. This is what happens when I get a new toy!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

new tank set up

*sigh* I did it again.
I should have known better than to walk into that aquarium shop. Since getting a pretty little betta fish, I've been trying to figure out how to snaze up his tank.
Now his tank is already pretty snazzy itself, being a 23L Fluval Edge and everything. But I'm not really great with aquarium decor and I haven't installed a heater in the tank yet.
So driving by Glen Waverley today, I see Amazing Amazon - a pet store specialising in exotic pets and aquariums - and I go in for a gander.
Would you believe it, they have bluespotted ribbontail rays!
Bluespotted ribbontail ray
I didn’t take as much photos as I should, I was too busy gawking. They had snakes and lizards, birds and fishes, and coral. Oh my god.
So I grabbed a few things (*cough* *cough*) to put in my tank.
And here it is.
New Fluval Edge setup

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

woyww 101

woyww 101
This week, my work desk is mainly covered with acrylics.

I've recently signed up with Julie Prichard's Chaos and Calm class and the page above is the result of lesson two.

I've never worked with glazes before and this class seems to revolve around it a lot.

It's interesting to try to blend acrylics, and I can't wait to see the paintings that would be produced in this class.

Unfortunately acrylic and glaze take forever to dry, even with a hairdryer.

I've already had a couple of mishaps where I've lifted still-wet paint when trying to blend colours.

This is an exercise in patience, which I was never very good at.

What classes have people taken recently?

Monday, 9 May 2011

art jamming in hong kong

It's just my luck that I find out about this art event in Hong Kong after I've left the place.
Below is a video explaining the concept, the first few phrases are in Cantonese, but the rest is in English.
It might be interesting to start something like that in Melbourne…

Saturday, 7 May 2011

"I am a [fill in the blank] and a [fill in the blank]"

This idea of being more than one thing has been running around my mind for a while now. Years perhaps. I think all of us feel, however secretly - in our souls - that we are unique. 

Most of us are aware that we are more than any one thing; we are not just our work, we are not just who we relate to, not just a daughter, a sister, a friend. We are also our hobbies, our interests, our vices.

I think Tammy says this pretty well:

We have many faces to the world:

A Java programmer who is an avid urban sketcher

A homeschooling mom who writes sci fi stories

A pilot who knits cardigans

A marine biology professor who watercolors all summer

A pediatrician who blogs about interior design trends

A realtor who blogs about photoshop

A veterinarian who writes quilt patterns

Our uniqueness comes from our collection of "selves" or "faces"; it is not just that you are an accountant, but that you are an aspiring rock artist as well. This mix of roles is a part of our self-worth; how we separate ourselves from the masses who are our neighbours on this earth.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only accountant who also paints every Tuesday, or the Mother who plays a bass guitar; the oxymoron is a badge of honour on our souls.

Tammy's post asks us to declare who we are, to acknowledge all our roles and to recognise that being one thing does not detract from being another. Take a moment to think about all that you are, declare it to yourself in some small way, celebrate it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

woyww 100

Tearing myself away from my Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files audio books (read by James Marsters – *squeal*) – which I have been plugged to for the past two weeks (book 1 to 10) – I bring to you my first What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday post.

Since it is the first WOYWW post I thought I should show you my whole desk, as opposed to just what I’m working on.
Actually thinking about it, I just realised that I’ve had previous pictures of my workdesk here and here.
Okay, maybe I’m just shamelessly plugging my own blog. XD

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, WOYWW is a link party for people showing off what's on their workdesk on Wednesday (pretty obvious now that I spell it out, huh?). I suggest that everyone head over to Julia Dunnit's blog, Stamping Ground, to read more about it. If nothing else, the horror of showing the same project on my desk for weeks in a row would get me off my butt and doing some crafting. XD

Actually my art journaling has been going very slowly recently. In addition to my obsession with James Marster’s voice-acting abilities, I have been concentrating on zentangles and mandalas instead of journal pages.

However, I’ve kept my journals opened at my workdesk in hopes that I would add bits and pieces to it as I pass by. (My workdesk is actually in my room, so it’s not like everything is hidden away in some corner of the house)

I’ve read people’s blogs where they say they could see what they want the page to look like and they work towards that. I can’t do that most of the time; I have no idea what I’m doing with a page until I’m halfway through. This may just be evidence of a lack of practice. But sometimes, sometimes I see images or colours in my mind’s eye and I know it supposed to go on the page.

The tree in the corner of the page was drawn at one such time.

I have trouble drawing realistic looking trees, I make branches too uniformly wide and straight; a real tree is more twisty and bendy.

I’ve taken quite a number of photos from my trip to Ocean Grove over the Easter break last week, quite a number of them have trees that has a lot of character. I plan to go through them and do some in depth study of tree anatomy.
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