Friday, 29 January 2010

i've got mail!!

Not the electronic kind.

Over the past week, I've gotten both my copy of Art Journaling Winter 2010 edition and the Prismacolor pencils that I ordered for my SuziBlu Petit Dolls class (mentioned in my last post).

I was very impatient to try out the pencils that everyone rave about and below is one of the non-wonky ones that I sketched and coloured. It's kind of dark, so you can't really see the colours properly (the face is actually a warmer colour).

Back to art journaling. I was inspired by D'Blogala to do a doodle a day, summarising the day in a small sketch. It's an interesting exercise and makes you review your day and to record it, no matter how little happens. My fine point PITT pen ran out of ink on the first day, but I find that I'm more comfortable sketching in pencil; it's less permanent and I'm less stressed about making a mistake.

When reading Art Journaling, I decided I need to start thinking of creating a "centerpiece" for my journal pages, whether it was a sketch or a quote. This makes it less of a pretty piece of paper with writing on it, but an integrated page - a piece of art. I'm not that comfortable sketching, but I guess it'll come with practice.

Friday, 22 January 2010

catching up

I've been a bit lax at posting for the past week, though not for the lack of creating.

Here are some of the journal pages (finished and unfinished ones) that I did in the past week. Actually some of them have been changed (added to) since the photos have been taken, but I'll upload them at a later date.

L1020717L1020723  L1020724L1020726  L1020725 3EF62FFDL1020721

Actually most of these pages were done last week. This week I’ve been focusing on my online courses.
Yes, I said courses. Plural.

I’ve joined two online art-related courses, the first one was SuziBlu’s Les Petit Doll course, and the second one is the Creative Goddess eCourse (yes, it’s an affiliated link).

The Les Petit Doll course had already been going on for two weeks when I joined so I had some catching up to do. Thus my lack of posting.

I’ll refrain from writing reviews on it until I’ve completed the courses, but a short description of what I signed up for:

Les Petit Doll is a course running from January to May 2010 teaching you how to draw “Petit Dolls” (a term coined by SuziBlu I believe) and put them on a painted, shabby background (pic below. This is not my painting, this is SuziBlu’s).

Creative Goddess eCourse is a 6 weeks course encouraging you to be more creative. I originally thought it was a 6 weeks “how-to” course on different medium, but it will seem to be 6 weeks of different creative prompts.

There is a spiritual slant to the course as it encourages you to view art as an expression of your spiritual self. So part of the course material for each week is a meditation that you would need to do.

This course only started last Sunday, so I’ve only had time to read some of material and listen to half the meditation (I drifted off half way through, woke up in time to hear the ending).

So that’s my latest update so far. Oh, and we’re having weird weather here. From 10 degrees earlier this week, it’s jumped up to 26 degrees Celsius (around 79 Fahrenheit) today. A lot of people have gotten sick at the office – including me. I have a sore throat and I feel like I have a fever (albeit a low one) for the last two days.

I need rest.

Monday, 18 January 2010

a note

No, I have not abandoned this blog or my Creative Every Day Challenge. However I have joined two online courses, both to do with creativity, so I'm a bit busy with my updates. I feel that I should create something a bit bigger than daily sketches/doddles, which is why I'm waiting to have some more substantial material before I post anything up.

Just FYI. XD

Monday, 11 January 2010

nail art

Gel Nail

Well I just got new gel nails, and since this month's theme for Challenge Every Day 2010 is about body art, I thought I'd upload it. Of course I'm not the one who drew the designs, but I love chosing a new design every month.

It is actually pretty hard to take a photo of your right hand (pressing the shutter with the left hand) and to make the hand pose look natural; I think my hand cramped a couple of times. XD

Finally figured that it was easier when I had something in my hands.

Gel Nail

Over the weekend I visited my local art and craft store. I didn't spend as much money as I thought I would, but that was only because I kept an eye out on the price tag.

New Goodies

Of course any money I saved on that trip was used up when I went to and and brought loads of stamps and Art Journaling magazine. >_<

Things I bought:
Winsor & Newton Ink
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint
Copic Pen (black and blue)
Art Journaling Winter Edition 2010
Will upload a photo of the stamps when they arrive - of course it's not expected to arrive for another 15 working days... that's like forever.

Friday, 8 January 2010

zentangle / mandala / art supplies

So I tried zentangling today and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out (left).

Had to wrack my brains trying for patterns, but there's plenty of resources online with inspirational patterns/templates.

For the official low-down, you can visit the zentangle website. You can buy a zentangle kit and learn how to apply zentangling to relaxation, education etc.

Or you can learn how to draw a zentangle here.

There's also plenty of youtube clips, which pointed me to Milliande's site. She seems to have some interesting tutorials (haven't checked them out yet), so will be having a look in the next couple of days.
I've become obsessed with drawing mandalas. Okay, not "obsessed" obsessed, but it's something I really enjoy.

I used a Pilot Petit1 fountain pen to draw this (it's actually the same pen/ink I used in the zentangle above).

This journal page is not yet finished; I should be adding some journaling to it in the near future.

There's so many unfinished pages in my journal -- I love creating backgrounds, but then end up scratching my head for content.

I want the words to match the background but when I do have the words, they don't neccessarily correspond with any pages I've already created. And when I feel like writing, I don't feel like painting/collaging/doodling a background.

The only solution I can think of is to write down the words in my iphone so I have the contents for reference in the future. The problem with that is that the words would not be written in the journal on the spur and I would censor them when I put it down on the page.

It's getting late, I'm ranting again.

Last thing before I sign off. I found a picture of some art supplies I've purchased a couple of weeks back. Rubber stamp packs, lace borders and a CarlaCraft Florence Muret craft punch. A Christmas present for myself. =)


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

reading on creativity

I confess, I've been reading blog posts/online tips on creativity as opposed to doing anything creative.

Below are the blogs I've visited today:
Other links:

Oh actually I'm halfway through drawing another mandala (picture above). I was still a little bit irked over how uneven my previous attempt was. I'm not sure whether this one is finished yet; I feel there is more to be added, though I can't figure out what yet. Will upload follow up post when it gets finished.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

growing mandalas

A few months back a friend of mine was looking for books on mandalas and how to draw them. I remember that at the time I wasn't particularly interested in them. I didn't really know what they were.

But then I saw these and these and I was inspired.

I was originally misdirected to websites instructing me to draw a circle and fill it with any symbols I wanted. I'm not saying that this is incorrect in anyway, but it wasn't the way for me.

Then I found the youtube video by "expressing the self" on growing mandalas. The instructions couldn't be more helpful.

After my first attempt (above) I completely understand the whole, "draw it carefully" statement. If you're not careful, the motifs would end up all over the place, and the mandala would become uneven.

In my next mandala I hope to incorporate more empty space as part of the design.

Other Mandala Links
How to Draw a Mandala: 10 Steps
Learn How to Draw Mandalas for Spiritual Enrichment and Creative Enjoyment
Biffybeans' time lapse video of a quick mandala doodle

Shelly Kommers' steps to creating a mandala

Monday, 4 January 2010

unexpected change in plans

I had planned for a day of painting or art journaling - it was Sunday afterall.

However I got a call at around 6pm reminding me of the Sammi Cheng concert I was supposed to go today. *face palm* How could I forget something like that?

So I find myself spending my Sunday night in the midst of 10,200 screaming fans, yelling and waving my thunder sticks as opposed to meditating in the relative calm quiet of my own apartment.

It wasn't like I didn't enjoy the concert, but sometimes you're just not in the mood, you know?

After the concert, I was reminded that the holidays are over and work begins again on Monday... lethargy sets in... Monday blues a day early.

Hmm... actually I might be able to make a journal page on that... we'll see what happens... (it is 5am in the morning after all)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

whole or parts?


The background is actually more obvious in this photo than in the journal. Probably because the words are so small in the picture, I don't concentrate on them as I do when I look at the page in the journal.

The words came to me while I was watching TV. Characters are portrayed to us in a limited manner; this is to elicit certain emotional responses from the audience. But what happens in real life? How much do we take into consideration when we meet another person? Does a person's intention mean more than their actions? How do we know what their true intentions are?

And the questions continue.

tell me...

"Tell me," she whispered, "or I will haunt even the dreams that drop on your red hair in the golden mellow dappled sunlight until you scream or fall silent through veils of years." ~Leigh Reyes
This was a quote that I saw on Leigh Reye's blog, I love the imagery that it invoked.

When trying to find a space for it in my journal, I found an unfinished page which I had yet to find content for. The imagery of the red hair seems to match the colour theme of the page.

I used a normal parker calligraphy pen to write on the page, but found that the ink was too light. I had to go over the words again and again to build up the colour. I wanted the words to retain some degree of transparency, as a reflection of the liquid quality of the words.

Friday, 1 January 2010

hand-carved eraser stamp

For my first creative endeavour of the year, I thought I'd complete one of GPP Street Team Crusades. This one involves carving your own stamp.

Nothing too elaborate for my first attempt - just a heart on an eraser (note: I just remembered that I've carved a linoleum plate back in high school... wonder whether it's still lying around somewhere... will have to look for it). For once I refrained from going out and buying all the tools and supplies required for printmaking (like I did with art journaling, *cough* *cough*) and found stuff in around the apartment instead.

There was some head scratching when deciding what pattern I would carve. The design would need to fit on the stamp and need to be something that I'd actually use. The heart was chosen in the end, because I really love the heart stamp designs I've seen.

Now come the carving; it was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Using the blade I had from my metal clay endeavour (should post up pictures of the ring I made) I carved a rough heart out of the eraser. That was the easy part. The hard part came from actually trying to make the sides smooth. The eraser was soft, meaning the eraser depresses and bends when I put the knife on it. This makes it very easy to over-cut, and you can see evidence of this in the nicks along the edge of the heart. I guess the slight roughness makes it look more personal.
The softness of the eraser means that I couldn't do more intricate designs within the heart - I guess I'll just need to find a harder eraser next time... or buy printmaking supplies ;P

Regardless, the stamp came out pretty good. When I use normal felt-tip pens to ink the stamp I ended up with a slightly textured image.

I would hope to use it in one of my pages soon.
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