Friday, 10 September 2010


omg, it's been forever since I've posted...

Real Life intruded, my mother visited and after she left I was hit by the writing-bug. And it's not even November yet. I'm thinking of joining this year's NaNoWriMo, anyone else interested?

I've also been taking photos on my new iPhone 4 (not so new now) and I've been fiddling with camera apps like Hipstamatic and the Korean Pudding Camera. You can see some of them here.

But overall, just writing to let you know that I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth, but just gone into writing mode instead of painting mode...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

AJF – lesson 3 – lemons

AJF 3 - Lemons
I completely forgot to post this up!
This is from the third lesson of Artful Journaling Foundations class with Laure Ferlita.
I had my quirks with this one. I don’t like the background as I think the purple is really blotchy and the words made it all very busy. I like the bowl and I’m happy I put in the little chips on the rim, but I am way happy about the way the lemons turned out (even though the one on the right looks more like a mango).
I haven’t started watercolours for long and I’ve never tried layering colours like I did with the shadows on the lemons. It was really fun and what I thought were accidents turned out to be details that I love the best in the end product.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

artful journaling foundations

Yes, another art journaling course – I’m so addicted to them!
This time it’s Laure Ferlita’s Artful Journaling Foundations. Below are pages from the first two lessons.
AJF 1 - Affirmation
First lesson is called “Affirmation”. I could have been a little lighter of hand when drawing that stem of the flower, but I like how the petals ended up.
We would be colouring this at a later date I think.
AJF 2 - Watermelon
The second lesson is called “watermelon”. I think I was a bit heavy handed with the lines and the colour in the shadows, although the picture turned out pretty good after being converted into a jpeg.
This is also a contour drawing, where I keep my eye on the subject while drawing (as opposed to on the page). It was quite unnerving as we were drawing straight on the page with pen, no pencil-sketching!

Friday, 23 July 2010

need to art journal~!

For the past week (actually, just checked my blog, it’s been nearly a month) I haven’t been doing any art journaling.

I’ve either been trying to slog through the horde of photos taken during the trip to Spain – and I cringe at the quality of some of the shots; don’t ask me to take photos when it’s 36 degrees out, I won’t be in the mood – or watching the Watercolour Secrets DVD that a friend bought for my birthday.

But I’ve been watching a lot of JournalArtista Youtube clips and SamanthaKira’s ustream videos and I’m itching to play in my journal again. (Btw, are any of you guys missing SamathaKira’s Youtube clips?)

Tonight, I’m going to play with some paint while watching some youtube clips.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

birthday card

So it was my birthday a few days back, and look what I got in the mail!
Birthday card
This was from a fellow Blissfully Art Journaling Yahoo!Group member.
Birthday card - inside
Thank you Timaree, the card is very pretty!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I was visiting Kira's JournalGirl blog in my daily blog meanderings and was pointed to the tumblr phenomenon.

Now I have this major weakness against online social networks, new gadgets and fads and tumblr seems to meet all those criteria (if you could call the tumblr iphone app a gadget).
Since it was founded in 2007, it's a surprise that I haven't bumped into tumblr earlier.
However I have a feeling I might have seen it and just dismissed it as another digg alternative (I just don't get the digg-fad for some reason).

So yes, I’ve got a tumblr account now and I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into blogger without bogging it down.

Monday, 12 July 2010

I’m back

Well I’ve actually been back for a week already but I’ve been hiding because my photos were unorganised and I had nothing ready to post with regards to my Portugal/Spain trip.

Actually I still don’t have any of my photos ready, but I thought I should explain my absence, in case people feel I got lost between Madrid and Barcelona. (Although if you believe half the stories our tour guide told about the crime-level in Spain, it’s more likely that I got kidnapped or mugged and left in a ditch somewhere to bleed to death XD)

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve not done much sketching during the trip, but I did take plenty of photos. I’ve also signed up for Bob Davie’s Watercolour Secrets (actually it’s a birthday present from a friend), so hopefully I’ll have some watercolours to show for it in the upcoming posts.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


I was supposed to have written this entry before I left for my holiday, but I forgot. Seeing how there’s internet access in my hotel room, I thought I should take the opportunity to write a quick note.

I’m currently in my 3rd day of my 11-days Portugal-Spain tour and have just finished the Portugal leg of the trip.

My itinerary is as follows:
Day 1 – Hong Kong –> Lisbon
Day 2 – Lisbon –> Cape of the Rock –> Obidos –> Fatima –> Belem Tower –> Discovery Monument –> Jeronimos Monastery
Day 3 – Lisbon –> Commercial Square –> Evora –> Seville
Day 4 – Seville –> Spanish Square –> Gibraltar –> St. Michael Grotto –> Costa del Sol
Day 5 – Costa del Sol –> Granada –> Alhambra Palace –> Generalife –> Cordoba
Day 6 – Cordoba –> Consuegra –> Toledo –> Madrid
Day 7 – Madrid –> Segovia –> Aquaduct –> Alcazar –> Madrid City Tour
Day 8 – Madrid –> Valencia –> City Tour
Day 9 – Valencia –> Barcelona –> Monastery of Montserrat
Day 10 – Barcelona –> Olympic Park –> Montjuic –> Sagrada Familia –> Quell Park –> Casa Battlo –> Monument de Colon –> Hong Kong
Day 11 – Hong Kong

I’m trying to do some sketching, but finding that it’s quite hard to do with a tour group. However I’m taking plenty of pictures which I would be sketching from when I get home.

So just letting you know why I’m MIA, and if I don’t get another opportunity to go online (we’re in a different hotel each night), I’ll see you guys when I get back.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

blog hop - kelly's art journaling

Kelly at Kelly's Art Journaling blog is hosting an artist blog hop. Read on if you want to join in.

watercolour exercise – a french alley

 Watercolour Exercise - a french alley

This is one of the more complicated watercolour exercises that I’ve done so far.

The perspectives are a bit wonky, but I’m pretty proud of my efforts. I need to remember that even for exercises I need to have more care in the original sketch as it can ruin the whole painting.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

EDM #243 – a pillow

EDM #243 - May 30, 2010

And you thought that I forgot about my EDM exercises, LOL

This is actually a cushion on my sofa, but since I sleep on the sofa most days technically this cushion is also my pillow.

I used the same colour theme as a previous exercise I did although in a warmer tone (I’ve been reading up on my colour theories), and I must admit I like the cooler blue-grey in the previous exercise more than the warmer purple-blue in this one. I also didn’t realise how dark this picture would come out. No worries, will try to do better next time around.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

watercolour exercise – a windmill

Watercolour exercise - a windmill

Not following any instruction, I just tried to do a complete watercolour painting using this picture.

I did not stick to the colours in the picture (ie. local colours), trying instead to use a simpler palette. Even then, mixing watercolours is hard; I just couldn't get the grey I had in mind onto the palette.

On a side note, I learnt something interesting while reading up on “watercolours for beginners” sites. It’s not advertised much, but you really have to prime your palette before you put any paint on it (I’m referring to the physical palette on which you mix your paints as opposed to the choice of colours for a painting).

Most new plastic palettes have a film over the top which doesn’t accept water very well, this means that watercolours tends to bead or slide from the surface. When trying to mix colours on the palette, the paint won’t leave the brush, leave it just loaded with colour.

Some suggests scratching at the surface, however that just leaves ugly looking grooves on the plastic which the paint will stick to – and not much else. I find that rubbing at the surface with a tissue (may need some elbow grease) until the surface becomes matt will be sufficient. I was thinking of posting up a picture of my palette, but it’s really quite grotty at the moment XD

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

watercolour exercises – a lighthouse and a farm field

In my search for videos on painting in watercolour, I found If you’re not careful you can lose yourself in all the tips and advices on this site.

Anyway, I followed the instructions in this series of videos for this very rough watercolour piece.

Watercolour exercise - a lighthouse

In the video they make a wash of colour seem like such an easy thing, but as you could see my sky and sea are all blotchy and stripy. It was also quite strange to draw the sketch with watercolour and a brush, but as long as the lines are faint, you can paint over it without much problem.

The following is a continuation of the exercise above.

Watercolour exercise - farm field

This was even rougher than the sketch above, and again you can see I’ve completely botched up the sky. But I liked how the field look 3D (albeit rough and primary-school-ish).

A thing I learnt from these videos is that when trying a new technique, when practicing, it is best not to be too caught up in making the rest of the picture pretty. I need to paint a picture to put the technique into perspective (ie. I need to paint a rough field to practice the 3D effect, not just painting curved lines on a blank piece of paper), but I shouldn’t be too caught up with the rest of the picture or I would never get any practicing done.

Monday, 7 June 2010

watercolour exercise – a hat

Watercolour exercise - a hat

After my dubious effort at John Lovett’s foliages exercise, here’s my attempt at doing a hat.

Still having trouble controlling where the colour is to go. I find that less water is better, I can always add more water later and can control the paint, if I have a wet page, the paint just spreads… and not in a good way.

I really like the colour combination in this, the grey/blue really brings out the yellow.

However the hat didn’t come out as battered as it was supposed to be.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

watercolour exercise – trees and foliages

I’ve never been fond of watercolours, I thought watercolour paintings were boring and washed out.

It didn’t help that my first experience with the medium was with the primary-school-grade watercolour pans. The watercolours were so hard it took buckets of water to soften and even then the pigment was so washed out it was near non-existent. Is it any wonder that I run screaming the other way whenever I hear watercolours being mentioned?

Then I stumbled onto John Lovett’s site.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Does that painting look boring or washed out to you?

So after poring through all his tutorials and a myriad of YouTube videos, I succumbed and bought a set of Royal Talens’ ArtCreation Expression watercolours.

ArtCreation Expression water colour set 12 x 12 ml

Yes, these are tubes and not watercolour pans – baby steps, baby steps.

My first few attempts at using watercolour was disastrous and was more a play of paint and colour on a page. As I wanted watercolour to be more than another medium to create colourful backgrounds, I realise that I have to practice (and practice and practice).

So here’s the result of my first exercise (taken from John Lovett’s site):

Watercolour exercise - foliage

Now I was still getting used to how watercolours change when it dries and the “painting” above looked really weird while it was still drying, so I tried again (below).

Watercolour exercise - trees

As could be seen, I’m still having trouble controlling how much water to use XD

So I’ll need more practice and my next few entries will most likely record my attempts at using this medium.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

muji chronotebook

How this entry came to be:

Chronotebook - Exterior

This is a Muji Chronotebook. It doesn’t look like much, but the idea is so interesting.

Instead of your run of the mill daily planner where time is arranged in a linear fashion, the Chronotebook organises time in a circle.

Chronotebook - Interior

You can make pie charts or just draw a line/arrow to the time, a much more flexible (and visual) system than the usual method of pre-ruled lines on a page.

MUJI Chronotebook - Usage

It’s an quirky concept and something I really want to try out, though I can foresee some problems for me personally.

I’m not a person who has a very active schedule. What this means is that there will be many many blank pages intersected by the occasional fully packed day (usually weekends). I must admit that this problem is not restricted to the Chronotebook, it’s pretty much my problem with any day-per-page planner.

There isn’t any feature for monthly or weekly overview in this notebook, which means you can’t do a lot of pre-planning (easily), or mark any multiple-day events. Not a big negative against the notebook, but can be awkward if I want to mark in a five-day holiday. {edit: unless I convert a page into a week/month view, the dial in the centre would be separated into seven/thirty-one sections… hmm… food for thought}

How I can see myself using this notebook is as a journal;. It’ll help me record how much time I’ve spent on certain activities. It would also be useful on days when I want to really micro-manage my time (if only this notebook was out when I was in high school or Uni – perhaps I should take up a Master’s Degree, just to test out the notebook ;p).

As a scheduler, it would be more useful for me to stick with the usual week-per-page scheduler and to draw a dial on the certain days when I need to micro-manage. {edit: or use the dials as monthly/weekly organiser until I come to a day when I need to micro-manage}

In fact, while writing this entry, I found a site called (please note the original item only have one “no” in the spelling) which provide templates of the centre dial. You can print the dial onto any circular sticky labels and put that in your preferred notebook. Otherwise you can print out full pages with the chronotebook in the centre.

For now, I’m going to try the dial method in my normal scheduler first – if it works, I might look into my local Muji store to see if they stock it.

More links to the Chronotebook:

Friday, 4 June 2010

mistake/fixed? – grunge wings

Unfortunately I do not have the before/after photos for comparison, but below is a page that I’ve mucked up but managed to fix through sheer perseverance.


You may need to enlarge the above picture (click on it) to see what I’m talking about, but there are two rectangles on the page, one on the top left hand corner of the page and one on the bottom right. Those are the remains of ticket stubs (I can’t even remember for what) that I stuck on the page. I found out, first hand, the reason you do not use double-sided tape to stick things you are later going to paint over; they bubble.

Not only did it bubble, but they stuck to the other side of the page and peeled off. I suddenly had two gaping white holes in my page.

My solution? Brayer over it (this was during the time when I brayered over everything. However I was careful to leave details in the background (ie. the wings) to show through.

The black-over-white text helped complete the grunge-up look.

acrylic exercises

Last week I was poring through all of Tim Gagnon's Youtube videos on painting in acrylic.

I tried to duplicate the technique in this video, although on a much smaller scale.

Acrylic exercise - a shadowy forest

I didn't proceed through to the final step - putting the highlights into the grass - for a few reasons. The perspective in this painting was slightly different from those in the video and the depth of the foreground in this painting is shallower; the highlighted grass would seem out of place.

I really had trouble drawing the trees. The trunks never looked right to me. I would have to practice sketching more trees to get the angles right.

I also found that paint has to be fairly fluid to do straight lines. My brush and paint was too dry and I ended up with feathery lines where the paint skipped over the page. I’m most likely to going to give this another go and see whether I get better results.

Acrylic exercise - clouds
I didn’t really like the way the background was going on this page, so I decided to test out Tim Gagnon’s cloud painting technique.

Whereas in the previous exercise my brush was too dry, in this exercise my brush was too wet; there was too much paint. I couldn’t get the feathering that Tim was doing in the video. I was also too impatient, I didn’t wait long enough for the paint to dry when building the opaque sections of the cloud. Instead of layering paint, I ended up pushing the paint out, making the cloud way larger than planned.

Although neither page worked out the way I expected, I felt like I’ve accomplished something. I guess figuring out how some things don’t work is also a kind of achievement.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

experiment - depth/layer

failed attempt - depth/layer

I had an image in my mind but I couldn't replicate it on paper; I wanted to create layers of yellow and orange squiggles on the page, some overlapping each other, others weaving in and out.

I think there needs to be more forethought to where each squiggle needs to be, and what it's doing, before I put paint on paper.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Last entry I posted pages made whilst doing the Layer Love lessons. The following pages were my attempts at doing layers before I joined the class.

brayered page #2
brayered page #1

These pictures were taken quite a while ago, but there was a period of time when I really loved doing brayered backgrounds. I found that the brayered paint quickly builds layers without muddying the colours.

brayered page #4

As the acrylic paint builds up on the brayer (I don’t wash them as I should) it creates texture on the brayer which results in interesting patterns.

brayered page #3

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

layer love

Julie Pritchard is closing new application for her “Layer Love” class soon and like many people, I’ve rushed to sign up for this highly popular course.

Here is my attempt at her second lesson (I didn’t try the first lesson because the style just didn’t resonate with me):

I really like the dark, deep-sea grotto look about the page. It seems to work as a painting in itself, but I might end up putting word in it at a later date.

Below is just my attempt at using similar techniques as above but less dark – I was thinking of making a more journal-able page, but I still ended up with a page with no room for words.

So with my third attempt I didn’t even try to leave room for words, I just did a painting – who says you can’t put paintings in your art journal?

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I really like the colour blue. Especially Golden’s Turquoise (Phtalo).

I did try to use a different colour, but I couldn’t seem to duplicate the effect.


Oh, one last thing before I sign off on this entry; if anyone has a completed layer love page, with journaling, I would love to see it. Please leave a comment with a link to the picture. I would love to see how other people incorporated words into the pages; the way Julie teaches it, each page seems to be a standalone piece of work.

Friday, 21 May 2010

EDM – everyday matters

I recently got introduced to the EDM challenge; a list of daily sketch prompts, most of them just everyday items that you see lying around the house.

I got the above link from borromini bear’s photostream on flickr. She’s doing an Every Day May project, where she selected the first 31 prompts in the EDM challenge list to be completed once per day. Quite a few people have joined in on the exercise and you can take part too; just send a PM to borromini bear’s flickr account to get added to her list of participants.

Although the subject matter can seem inane, EDM sketches can still result in very pretty pages if you put enough effort into it. Borromini bear’s sketches were so pretty, it inspired me to try a few EDM sketches too (no, I’m not going to do the Every Day May project – I know I have trouble sticking to any “XXX per day” projects).

EDM #131 - May 20, 2010
But before I put pencil to paper, the EDM challenge sparked the nerd bug within me. On the right hand column of this page, you would see a small box titled “Everyday Matters – Sketch Prompt”. This box would randomly display one of 274 EDM challenges on the list (I will try to update it as Karen Winters adds more to the list), perhaps you would like to try drawing whatever is suggested there right now?

EDM - May 21, 2010 EDM #130 - May 21, 2010

Saturday, 8 May 2010

10kH project

I can’t even remember who gave me what link which then took me to another link, to another link etc.

However, I ended up on Elizabeth/Eliza/Elli Metz’s blog, Junebug on a string (please see her “About Me” section about her name). Although her entries were kind of on the lengthy side (only if you try reading through the whole archive in a night… while reading xkcd for the first time and fiddling with the Daily Tracker iPhone app – in my defense, they were all suggestions on the Junebug blog), I found her blog entries interesting – especially the geeky bits with the productivity iPhone apps.

Anyway… I also read about her year-long project, 10kH, otherwise known as Ten Thousand Hours. It was hypothesised by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes ten thousand hours of focused study and action to master anything on a world-class level. So she’s going to embark upon a one-design-a-day/scent-a-day project for a year in the hopes of taking chunk out of the ten thousand hours.

I don’t know if I can be that brave.

However, I am very interested in the thought of recording all the hours that I put into a project. I agree with a recent article I’ve read; with the increase in social websites like Facebook and Twitter, people are looking for more information to share.

“People got used to sharing… The more they want to share, the more they want to have something to share.” Personal data are ideally suited to a social life of sharing. You might not always have something to say, but you always have a number to report. [link]

Friday, 30 April 2010

sacred background?

I’ve recently discovered a new colour combination that I really like, it’s a combination of orange, yellow and pink with a bit of green. I tried to take a photo of the background (below) but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

mandala page
The colour combination reminds me of the rose bush that grew outside of my bedroom window when I was in Primary School.

One thing I discovered while I was staring at the completed background was that I didn’t know what to put on top of it.

I’m sure plenty of you have experienced the same situation in the past; you become so enamoured with the background you’ve slated over that you just couldn’t bring yourself to write on top of it or – Goddess forbid – collage over it.

But it would be a shame to leave it just as a “blank” page, so after much internal debate, I allowed myself to draw a mandala over it.

I have a feeling that this page isn’t finished yet, but for now this is as much “desecrating” as I could allow myself. Maybe later when I’ve become a bit more detached to the page, I would add more on it.

What do you do with “sacred backgrounds”?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

morning pages – follow up

It’s been a month since I first discovered morning pages and I thought that I should write a follow up entry.

I must admit to feeling a stab of guilt every time I create journal pages, it seems such a frivolous waste of paper (my Critic is slightly different from the run-of-the-mill you-don’t-deserve-to-be-called-an-artist Critic, he throws words like “recycling” and “eco-friendly”, normally with the dash of “hypocrite” added in), so you can imagine how writing three pages of morning pages can make me feel.

The actual act of writing is very freeing, most of the time the words aren’t legible; it is truly a moving of the hand across the page, letting the words out. But once I done, I wonder what I should do with the pages…

That’s when I found the website It seems to be the answer to my unspoken prayers – it’s a very stripped down online journaling/blogging site. Stripped down because it doesn’t really let you jazz up your pages (e.g. fonts, colours, images), and each entry is private by default, so other people can’t read what you’ve written. The site counts how many words you’ve typed and would let you know when you’ve reached your goal (they estimate that three pages would equal to 750 words). It also keeps track of each day you’ve written the full 750 words, and whether you were able to write the required number of words in one sitting without any distractions.


Without the bells and whistles it allows writers to focus on the actual act of writing. There’s also a reports page which analyses the numbers of words that you’ve written over the history of your account, the types of words you’ve written (positive vs. negative), the contents (about relationships, work, life etc.), which can all be very interesting to read.


This is where the problem comes in.

There are so many stats – words per minute, number of interruptions while writing, how many days in a row can you maintain a one-entry-a-day streak. It all became number crunching in the end. I was writing to try to get 4-day streak turkey, or I was trying to write without stopping so I could get 0 interruption in my data, or I’d try to type faster to get a better wpm average.

The morning pages became stressful.

I began missing days. On days I did write, the actual act of typing became work-like; I didn’t feel liberated writing my morning pages, I just felt a sense of relief when it was over.

I felt disillusioned by the concept of morning pages.

But I recently received The Artist’s Way in the mail and I decided to give it another go but this time I stuck with the pen and paper way.

The flow of pen over paper, without caring whether the words were legible was liberating.


So the point of the story? I’m back to square one – Morning Pages on paper. I’m thinking of doing the morning pages as a type of word-wash background for my journal pages – we’ll see how we go.

Just one last point – I can’t stress how great is. Regardless of all the stuff I wrote above, it is a great site and a great tool to bookmark in your browser. The above issues are just my problems, and they aren’t even a problem if I don’t use the site for my morning pages.

This is just my little rant, my self-justification for going back to pen and paper ;P

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

let me explain…

It all started with a friend’s spur-of-the-moment comment, “Let’s start a band…”

I admit that we are an impulsive bunch, and we’ve made many similar plans in the past that never saw fruition (eg. “Let’s all get a tattoo..”) But I believe it was those failed past ideas that made us more enthusiastic this time; so that we each took our turn to egging the others on when enthusiasm flagged. We chose our individual roles in the band based on our previous experience with a particular musical instrument. Then we went to a music store…
That is a electric bass guitar (or a ESP LTD F-104, to be exact) and it is so gorgeous. I’ve never played a bass before (my previous experience with music was either the piano or classical singing) but I figured it was easier to learn than guitar.

I did a lot of Googling and Wiki’ing prior to entering the music store, and did a lot more brand-specific research after that first visit (buying a bass advice #1: never buy on the first visit, no matter how much your impulse-buy-bug bites – trust me, it took a lot of will power not to take out my wallet that first visit).

It was a good thing I didn’t buy the first bass I saw (which was around $6,000 HKD/ $770 USD) because the one I ended up getting only cost $2,800 HKD/ $360 USD) and it was in the colour I wanted (buying a bass advice #2: appearance does matter; you’re less likely to practice if you cringe every time you look at the instrument).

So I’ve been busying practicing my bass, self-teaching from the myriads of Youtube videos and Google search results (I sometimes wonder what I did before Google/Yahoo! search engines were invented/programmed). Bass practice is not something that I could photograph and blog about unlike journal pages), so please excuse me if my blog entries become even more sporadic than before.

But that’s not all I’m busy with. I just received the following in the mail:


Sera Beak’s “The Red Book” and Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, both spiritual books in their own ways. I ordered “The Red Book” after reading Samantha Kia’s review and I bought “The Artist’s Way” so I could actually do something with the morning pages I’ve done (and to hopefully inspire me to continue – I’ve kind of put that exercise down).
I haven’t started the two books yet – it’s kind of a torment to decide which one to start first and whether it’s possible to read both at the same time, and did I mention I’m currently reading Susan Pesznecker’s “Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink”?
I have a feeling that these books are going to inspire many journal pages to come – once I figure out how to juggle everything at once.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

act of kindness – Roben-Marie

Look at what came in the mail today!

Act of Kindness
These little beauties came from Roben-Marie from "Every Life Has a Story!".

I saw on her tutorial and process videos - which are great by the way - that the pens she was using did not smudge when she painted over it.

When I asked her what pens she used, she told me that they were Sharpie Ultra Fine Point markers. When she found out that Sharpie wasn’t a brand that’s readily available in Hong Kong, she sent me a set without any hesitation. It was so generous of her!

She also sent me a Permaball Pilot pen which she highly recommends. And do you see that “Dream” postcard at the bottom there (it’s the only way to fit everything into the picture)? That’s from Roben-Marie’s Art Goods Shop and it’s gorgeous, I’m going to find some way to put that into a journal page.
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